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Over my 16 years at MSD Warren Township, I have relied on Educational Services for vast array of needs, professional consulting and advice.  ESC has always exceeded my expectations and delivered exceptional results within the time frame and budget that was given to them.  The organization was originally created to serve the needs of the Indiana K-12 sector and they continue to focus their efforts on providing new and innovative solutions to school districts of every size.  I am always confident that the advice and solutions their consultants are providing to us are thorough, detailed and in our best interest.

David HoltChief of Finance
MSD of Warren Township

I recommend the consultants and the services provided by Educational Services Company.  I have placed my confidence in ESC for several years on projects related to our health plan, budget and overall financial wellbeing.  ESC provides us with tremendous support and routinely negotiates our health plan renewals that have resulted in savings to our employees and the district.

Laura M. HubingerBusiness Manager
Lake Ridge New Tech Schools

Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation has used Doug Cassman as their health insurance consultant since before I joined them in 2002. He has seen some trying times here, which has made for some challenging discussion, debate, and negotiation. Without sharing the details, I can tell you BCSC would not be in the strong  position it’s in, both in terms of plan health plan and financial resources, if it weren’t for the skilled sheparding of people and plan design by Doug. We are now at a point where we can aggressively implement a comprehensive wellness strategy that will certainly cost us in the near-term but pay great dividends in the years ahead. I simply wouldn’t trade Doug for anyone on God’s green earth. Simply Outstanding.

Vaughn SylvaAssistant Superintendent for Financial Services
Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation

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