Operational & Board Services

Operational Services

Financial Advisory / Municipal Advisory Services

ESC’s Financial Advisor / Municipal Advisory services to school corporations in Indiana offers a high quality alternative at an economical price point, and provides responsive customer service.  We understand the financial challenges of schools, and we help schools maximize the funding proceeds they retain in a bond issuance.  Our services are available at a fixed fee or hourly rate basis and may be unbundled.  These services include Pre-Financing, Financing Execution and Post-Issuance.

Budget Services

Budget planning and assistance is one of the core components of our consulting firm. Our consultants have decades of experience in this area, and we are very good at designing programs to fit the needs of individual school corporations.

Transportation Studies

ESC has experienced consultants who have extensive background in pupil transportation. We can evaluate the current transportation system or assist with the dreaded R word – redistricting. Our consultants are experienced in facilitating the community meetings involved in changing attendance areas and bus routes to accommodate new attendance districts.

Interim Services

As transitions from one permanent executive to another occur in Indiana’s school corporations, school boards often find it necessary to retain the services of an interim school executive until the appropriate permanent appointment is made. Engagements range from sixty days to one or more years with most involving our consultant being on the job two to three days a week.

Food Service Studies

We have experienced consultants who have done successful studies which have enabled school corporations to solve perceived problems in their food service programs, such as cost overruns and low participation by students and staff.

Treasurer Training

We have former school treasurers as a part of our consulting team. We provide training services for new treasurers as well as accounts payable and payroll personnel and interim services for transitions.

Property-Casualty Consulting

If you are considering the newly allowed pooling arrangement available to school corporations via HEA 1006, Educational Services Company will be a resource for the actuarial requirements contained within the provisions for this new approach in the property and casualty area. With the property and casualty market showing signs of softening, this is an opportunity to maximize savings on premiums.

Board Services

Strategic Planning Assistance

Many school boards recognize the need for planning that involves curriculum, personnel, finance, and facilities. Our consultants are experienced in facilitating and leading school boards through the appropriate activities to develop and effective strategic plan that can be updated to meet changing priorities.

Special Project Support

We facilitate many kinds of special projects. Our financial health analysis, for example, is useful to set up a financial road map for two to four years into the future. Having this information available is also a great asset for school boards when they are recruiting a new superintendent or business manager.

Shared-Services Reviews

One of the current foci in education circles today is to move school dollars from non-educational expenses to classroom expenditures. One of the ways to accomplish this goal is through shared support services among two or more school corporations. Our consultants have completed two such studies and are experienced in looking at the appropriate components that may lend themselves best to sharing between school corporations.

Board Training

Our consultants are skilled at educating school boards’ members as to their roles and responsibilities to the community and the school corporation. We design assistance programs to meet the varying needs of both large and small school corporations.

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