Seminars & Workshops

Educational Services Company has developed custom programs to assist board members, administration teams, and others to discover alternatives and options in several arenas. We are ready to assist your school corporation in any one of a number of topics. Some examples are listed below.

As with all school corporations within Indiana, your institution is an important employer, a physical plant resource, and a resource of experienced and well-educated instructors and current technology. How is your school corporation perceived within the community? If you’ve been successful communicating your corporation’s contributions back to the community, building projects, redistricting, technology enhancements, student performance results, and other issues will garnish widespread support. Our Strategic Planning consulting service can assist school board members and administrators with pulling all of these issues together into one coherent plan.

Many times there is a wide variety of thought within a Board of Trustees on the ‘How and What’ the corporation should evolve. How can we change the distribution of our student population from one set of educational buildings to fewer buildings but in a campus setting to utilize common services? What technology should we invest in that will equip our graduates with employable skills? What professional development training activities for our staff should we focus on in the next three years and do these activities dovetail with what we’re investing in now? Feasibility studies matching educational needs and strategies with building needs can assure you that you are targeting the right project. Our studies involve community members in a “hands-on” process to develop community support early in the planning process.

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